Captain Marvel Review

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Marvel Studios latest movie just dropped and it has got us even more excited for Avengers EndGame. Captain Marvel was the first movie in the MCU to have female hero as the lead role and we couldn't think of a better character to start with. But that's just our opinion. Below is our review on the movie. Enjoy! Minor Spoilers Below!

Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Comics and that is sure as hell shown in the movie. But, even though the movie does show the strength of Captain Marvel, the story is quite bland and very short. It doesn't show enough character development, its as if the directors were just trying to hurry it up so we could watch EndGame without any confusion. Like it was just filling in the blanks. The story could have had more to do with Carol Danvers and given us more information. We feel that we couldn't really tell who the villain of the movie was and there was no epic battle sequence that we are used to seeing in the MCU. That was quite disappointing. The story also led us to ask more questions as it built some plot holes in the universe, especially for Phase 1. For example, how did Mar-Vell have possession of the Tesseract if it was in Howard Stark's possession before hand. Howard Stark was one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D meaning that the Tesseract should have already been with S.H.I.E.L.D in the first place. That was one of a few questions in our heads. Despite all that, the movie did have its good qualities. The timeline of the movie takes place between the events of Captain America The First Avenger and Iron-Man. So even though the movie is released at the end of Phase 3, it did feel like a Phase 1 movie. Overall the movie was good and gave a nice introduction to Captain Marvel, we can only hope that we see more character development over the next few movies.

Unlike Infinity War, Captain Marvel was filled to the brim with comedy. The sarcastic, witty jokes ran through the whole movie putting a smile on our faces. From start to finish. It was like Marvel were trying to make us happy before we all go into severe depression after EndGame. The jokes were well placed and were family friendly. Also Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) was an amazing addition to the movie. He made the movie so much better with his humour and relationship the Goose the cat. It made the movie feel more like a Marvel Movie.

The soundtrack of the movie was probably the best part of the film. As the film took place in the 1980's the songs were picked out well. It gave a nostalgic feeling, the dressing, hairstyles, technology, it all really took us back to the 1980's. The directors did a good job making us feel we really were back in the 80's.

The movie fits nicely in the long running story line, especially towards the end of the movie with Nick Fury coming up with his idea for the Avengers and a small clip of EndGame featuring some of the surviving characters of the snap. It made our hairs stand. It has hyped up EndGame even more and we cannot wait. Captain Marvel is now showing in multiple theatres in the country, be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

FBIM Analysis: 6/10

Subject fit for Viewing.

That's it from us, we hope you have enjoyed our short review on the movie. Be sure to comment and discuss your theories and thoughts on the movie with us and each other! Have a great day!

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