Castlevania Season 3 Rundown... Whats Next For Our Heroes?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The following review contains spoilers, you have been warned...

After a long wait Netflix decided to release the third season of Castlevania. A funny, gruesome story about a vampire, a magician and a monster hunter all drying to prevent Dracula from ending the world.

We were hooked onto the new season right from the get go. A brand new story, new characters and the old ones of course, we were able to see how all of their lives had changed since the death of Dracula. Trevor and Sypha finally are a couple, Alucard is living peacefully but sadly, all of that was about to change when Trevor and Sypha turn up to the mysterious town of Lindenfeld. We do see other familiar faces carrying out their own stories such as Isaac trying to finish Dracula's work and Hector being held captive in Carmilla's fortress, all stories are as intriguing as each other. Your always left wondering what is next for this particular character.

The judge, a new character who is the mayor of Lindenfeld enlists the help of Trevor and Sypha to find out with is wrong with the Priory in the town. Our two heroes being... well heroic agree to uncover the darkness within. They meet a man, a very strange man, Saint Germain, a brand new character and a perfect addition to show. This character had his own goals at hand but it intertwined with the story of Trevor and Sypha. After long investigation, Sypha, Trevor, Saint Germain and the town guard decide to attack the priory, they get to the lower basement where they find night creatures being summoned from hell using the Infinite Corridor. Saint Germain learns the monks were trying to bring back Dracula from the dead. After an excellent fight scene, Saint Germain going into the Infinite Corridor disappearing, a lot of death, destruction and new horrors that came to light after the main evil had been defeated, Trevor and Sypha leave Lindenfeld, never to return.

Alucard, who was going insane being all alone, meets two new characters, Taka and Sumi. They ask Alucard to teach them how to kill Vampires so they can free their people. The half vampire agrees and helps them. He trains them how to fight, teaches them magic and keeps them safe. He enjoyed the company. That was until the sibling seduced and attempted to kill Alucard, but it resulted in the siblings demise. From the looks of it Alucard will never trust anyone again.

Isaac is building an army of Night Creatures to finish Dracula's work, his story is very interesting as he is faced with the dilemma. Destroy mankind or make it better. Even after the end of the season we are still unsure of what he intends to do.

After getting him to betray Dracula, Hector remains in captivity in Carmilla's castle. Carmilla wants to build and empire but she can't do that without Hectors abilities. She locks him in a cell. Carmilla is one of the four rulers of her land, the others are Morana, Striga and Lenore. They call themselves the sisters. Hector refuses to build the army until he is later seduced by Lenore, she enslaves him using her body and vampire magic so that he doesn't have a choice.

There was so much going on this season it was hard to wrap our heads around it, I have only pointed some of the stories that take place. There is so much more to it! Season 3 just left us with more questions, is the show being set up so that Alucard becomes a villain? How has Trevor and Sypha's recent journey affected them mentally and what does it mean for the future of the couple? Will Isaac make a decision to end mankind or make it better? And will Saint Germain find what he was looking for in the Infinite Corridor? So many questions. Season 4 can't get here soon enough.

The season kept up its standards with amazing animations, a soundtrack that made the season all the more powerful, and the voice acting really made you feel like the character were real and their hardships. We were at the edge of our seats during every episode, this has definitely been the best most interesting season yet!

FBIM Analysis: 9/10

Subject extremely fit for viewing

That's all from us, we would love to hear your thoughts on the season and what you think is next for our characters! Thanks for reading!

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