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With the new Amazon Prime TV show based on Tolkiens incredible novels coming out in the next year or so, we have decided to take you back into the past and talk about the very first Lord of the Rings movie. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check them out before reading this post as it may contain spoilers!

Directed by Peter Jackson based off the beloved fantasy books by JRR Tolkien and I’m warning you guys I’m going to talk about this movie with spoilers in it, so if you haven’t seen Lord of the Rings yet, short answer is go see it for the sake of all things. The whole thing starts out with a really cool recap and Middle Earth history as what has happened thus far concerning the ring. You see a sweet war with elves and people fighting Sauron. Sauron is this big evil he was defeated 3000 years ago by Isildur and he made this ring and he poured in all of his malice and contempt for life so since the ring survived, Sauron’s soul isn’t gone, he is not really dead, I mean he’s dead for the most part but he’s still been gaining power. Now we’re at the moment were Sauron’s going to make a big move to takeover Middle Earth again and this ring has been in the lap of Bilbo Baggins for the past like 50 years. I love when you see the hobbits and Bilbo and Gandalf talking with Frodo you know you really get the hobbit lifestyle. Hobbits, they are not exciting people, they’re pretty content they just want to drink, smoke weed and eat, that is a hobbit’s life. So when all these dramas happening out there in the world they be like ‘I really want nothing to do with that’. That’s right, drama free fun loving people who eat a lot of food. Those are my people. As much as I would love to say that I would probably be a wizard in Lord of the Rings or a badass warrior I would probably be a Hobbit. Who wouldn’t want that life?

But Gandalf sees this ring and he’s like there is something about this ring that I don’t like dude. Gandalf is the grey wizard played by Ian McKellen who completely kills it in this movie. Long story short, Gandalf can’t handle this ring at all because this ring is actually an evil entity, it’s alive, it has a will of its own and I love when they convey that I love and they say things like ‘the Ring found this person’ when Gandalf is talking with Frodo he’s like ‘you have to remember the ring wants to get back to his master, it wants to be found’ Sweet I need to hold this ring around that pretty much would blow the whistle and call the evil nazgul at me at any given time, PERFECT. Those nazguls are pretty much the wraith version of Terminator but there are nine of them and they’re coming after this ring and they will slaughter anyone to get to it and they will kill the one who has it. You just hear this evil screeching yell you’re like yeah bad news for you but halfway through this movie you don’t even have the fellowship yet you’re just appreciating the build-up. Usually long build up makes a movie kind of seem like a grind to me, I’m like alright come on let’s just get to really cool shit. But this movie has cool enough stuff among really good character development and it has excitement with the nazgul chasing Frodo so you’re like yeah this movie is speaking to me.

Then they get to Rivendell, where the elf Elrond is like okay this ring has to do with all races of Middle Earth so you all have to decide what to do and no matter what they decide there’s only one thing they can do with this ring, the ring is indestructible apart from one way. You have to take this ring to Mount Doom which is in Mordor, in the lion’s den of evil, drop it into the volcano where it was created. A special extended edition has this scene when Boromir, he’s one of the humans, he’s like why not just use the ring against the enemy which would seem like a good idea and I thought when I saw him say that in the movie, I was like yeah why not I agree with that dude Boromir. This movie really does a good job of conveying ‘no that’s not a good idea, idiots do that’ and Gandalf just stands up and starts speaking the language of Mordor in the Rivendell and all the clouds go down, all the elves scream with horror. I love that scene he’s like I’m not going to apologise for that, if you do that, that language will be everywhere so really think it through. But then the fellowship is formed and now Frodo needs to take this ring to Mordor to Mount Doom and has a fellowship of a bunch of people to help us he’s got his 3 Hobbit friends, he’s got Gandalf the wizard, Gimli the dwarf, Legolas the elf, Boromir the human warrior and he’s got Aragorn. Aragorn is a really key piece to Lord of the rings like if they got a shit actor to play Aragorn or if you didn’t empathise with him if he didn’t connect with him this whole thing really would fall apart if you’re like oh yeah the whole Frodo thing’s cool but Aragon. Luckily Viggo Mortensen kills it is Aragorn why it’s important is because Aragorn is destined to be the King he’s going to be the King of men is going to be the one that unites men together. He walked away from all that because he’s like I don’t want to have anything to do with it, my ancestor who held that ring just didn’t destroy it held onto it coz they thought it would be awesome now look at the boat were in. I guess I really love characters who walked away from their destiny who are now kind of been like so yeah probably would be a good idea if I step up to this.

This movie has great cinematography too, along with a soundtrack that will make you want to be part of the journey. you see those swooping shots you know the scenery I mean when Lord of the Rings came out it was the movie that hit it on the screen with a vengeance when I see this really epic swooping shots, soldiers going downhills to meet an army to clash I’m like oh that’s a Lord of the rings shot. The Moria seems amazing too I mean Moria is this underground mines pretty much been sacked by goblins, all the dwarves in there are dead but they get into this big scrap in the minds of Moria and there’s big cave troll but are they hold their own but then you see the Balrog of Morgoth and Gandalf’s like yeah this things beyond any of you just run and they just haul out of there and the music’s great it’s all kicking on and then he stands toe to toe with that Balrog, this enormous big flaming demon with horns is like you cannot pass and you’re like holy shit dude you’re more badass than anything I’ve ever seen, however he still fell into the shadow and thus for the rest of the movie you assume him dead but this is Lord of the rings not all things are what they seem. But that music kicks on, men it was like so slow mode it was rough. I have to touch on the music at this point Howard Shore’s music the musical score in this movie is beyond epic. It’s that music that you hear and you’re immediately taken back to Middle Earth and you’re like yeah that’s why I love. I just love the themes of Lord of the Rings, it has everything to do with friendship and honour, loyalty, sacrifice. I love that Elrond told the fellowship he was like alright the ring bearer promised to do this but the rest of you the support crew, the fellowship, there’s been no oath given, no blood oath taken, that makes you have to go farther think you need to go. No one is obligated to follow Frodo to the end into the heart of the enemy to Mount Doom and probably death. What they would do it why friendship but I really got to tip my hat to Boromir in this movie. The ring it’s that really seductive thing, it makes guys feel empowered, they’ll do anything for it. It will corrupt anybody who’s around it for long enough, it’s not like oh if the ring does corrupt me, it’s more like when the ring does corrupt me. In the fellowship Boromir was the one who was most susceptible to the ring. He was the one who fell first. He tried to take it from Frodo, he tried to kill them but he realised what he was doing and he gave his life for the hobbits by taking 3 arrows into the chest whilst fighting everyone off with his sword. Ultimately I’m glad everything worked out for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is not even a movie trilogy it’s an experience, a religion to some. You sit down with the special extended editions of Lord of the rings just take 12 hours out of your day just to watch them all back to back, it does such a good job at putting you into Middle Earth. You’re there, you’re invested, you love the characters, and you’re going on the quest. Lord of the rings and Middle Earth is just such an involved entity and that credit goes to JRR Tolkien, he made that world, he made elvish language, a fake language that’s just, it’s crazy. But the credit for capturing that depth and all those layers that made Middle Earth Middle Earth in the movie for the big screen that goes to Peter Jackson.

FBIM Analysis: 11/10

Subject most definitely fit for viewing.

Analyst: K3myth

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