The Punisher Season 2 No Spoiler Review

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Netflix just released the second season of the Punisher and we are loving it. Frank Castles (Jon Bernthal) epic return to our screens has us trembling in excitement. In this post we are also going to recap some of season 1 so look away if you haven't seen it yet. Enjoy!

Frank Castle, former soldier, widower and former father. If you know Castles back story then you know his family were brutally murdered in park. Following the death of Franks family, Frank becomes something he says he was always meant to be. Frank Castle takes up the mantle of the Punisher. Hunting and executing criminals whilst trying to hunt down everyone who was involved in the murder of his family, he learns that one of the biggest players in the death of his family was Franks best friend. Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). At the end of Season 1 Frank leaves Russo alive but messed up Russo's face making it look like a Jigsaw puzzle. Castle wanted Russo to live with what he did, but it didn't end too well, because Russo didn't just lose his face, he lost his memory. The only thing Russo remembers was a Skull.

We started season 2 the day it released and finished it the same day. It was fantastic. The Punisher ticked all of the boxes. It had comedy, an amazing soundtrack and epic fight scenes. The comedy was enough to put a smile on our faces but good enough not to ruin the tone of the show. The season was dark. With the Punisher fighting a war on two fronts you could tell he was stressed and angry. And when the Punisher is angry, you best pray your not in his way.

Its not a Punisher episode if Frank isn't covered in someone else's blood at some point in the episode. And we were not disappointed. The fight scenes were choreographed perfectly, the true skill of Frank Castle was shown. And it was awesome. The Punisher wasn't holding back, beating people to a pulp. Especially the gym fight. Damn that guy got destroyed. The violence is so good that you want to look away but can't. What we loved about the fight scenes was that it didn't show us that the Punisher is some sort of super hero, they showed us that the Punisher is just a man with a mission. He doesn't have any special powers, he can't fly, he isn't super strong, he is just a man who has a purpose. Frank took a lot of hits this season, but he always came back and hit harder. Nothing was going to stop him.

Like every film and game, the soundtrack is just as important as the story. The guitar riff in the intro and credits, we think fits so well with the tone of the character. Dark, brutal but has a good heart. The Punisher theme was played at the right times, during fight scenes or shocking scenes. Tyler Bates was named the main composer for the Punisher after we witnessed his great work with the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1&2. The Punisher is one of the few shows where we don't click the skip intro button and actually sit through the credits. Hats off to Tyler Bates for his amazing work.

Frank Castle isn't a very funny man, but, as seen in the above picture, Frank occasionally puts a smile on a our face. The comedy was good enough to make us happy and was well placed so that it didn't ruin the tone of the show.

So overall, we think Punisher Season 2 was a great season and definitely worth the watch. So if you have seen the first season and don't know whether to watch the second, you should know your answer now. WATCH IT!

FBIM Analysis Report: 9/10, subject fit for viewing.

Let us know what you thought of the Season! Be sure to check out our other posts too!

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