Vinland Saga

Yep, we're doing it, we are branching into anime. So what better anime to start talking about than this one. Are you interested in Vikings and Norse mythology, Do you like anime with good world building great character development. Well why just described is it animated masterpiece that is called Vinland saga. How this anime is depicted within our real life history this anime is more grounded than other works such as one punch man for example. However, I believe that this is a strength to the show as everything can be believable allowing the viewer to feel more related to the characters and the story that’s unfolding.

The Animation uses CGI to great effect using the unique characteristic of being CGI to allow for three dimensional action sequences. This create action sequences that take into account the surrounding as the whole environment can be interacted with. The characters feel fluid and lively with vivid clear exaggerated visuals. The office tower generally uses 2d automation allowing the characters to have distinct facial features a subtle movements that convey the animations of the characters displayed.

The characters feel realistic while also being grounded to the Story. Unlike typical media as the fact that this is an anime allows the medium to have more time to work with which allows the characters to be fleshed out more than their typical movies. An example Of a believable and realistic character is Askeladd . Askeladd initially is seen as the villain of the Story killing thorfins father which sets the president for the rest of the show itself. Askeladd appears as a kind of a crook that is cold blooded and ruthless in order to achieve what he sets out to do. However throughout the show we see how Askeladd is an complex with several underlying themes and motives. This is shown with how he handles thorfinn which encompasses an extreme motive of revenge for his. Due to the sheer amount respect Askeladd had for thorfins father In regards with his ideology and as an extremely powerful warrior he spared his son.

The soundtrack for the show compliments the bombastic action sequences that take place before your very eyes. The music in this show is very high paced which is in regards with the fast pacing enhances the thrilling and energetic sequences. Whereas in the scenes where the soundtrack requires a solemn melancholic not the soundtrack diverts to instrumental with a low base with emphasis in regards to the atmosphere.

In conclusion I believe that then it's Albert is a must watch that should be seen for all that is interested in Vikings and anime in general , this is due to the amazing soundtrack home tight knitted Storey and stunning visuals that state consistent high quality throughout the entire show .

FBIM Analysis: 9/10

Subject Fit for Viewing

Analyst: Nightime

Thanks for reading, be sure to check out our other posts in the anime genre coming in the future, we hope you have a great day!

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